Product Information

" Center of the Plate" Proteins 

Whole Beef Primal Cuts, Ground Beef, Portion Cuts to Order, Smoked Meats, Fresh Pork, Smoked Hams, Canned Hams, Veal, Lamb, Buffalo, Poultry, Ground Poultry, Turkey, Ground Turkey, Wild Game, Cornish Hens, Duck, Fresh Fish, and Frozen Seafood

Premium Bacon, Sausage varieties, Sliders, Hot Dogs of all types, and Deli Meats.

A variety of sizes and weights of premium quality, that can be cut or ground to your specifications.

Culinary Ingredients

Premium chocolates, Pastes, Fillings, Flavorings, Compounds, Extracts and Vanillas to utilize in all of your culinary recipes. 

Culinary Items


Pastry shells of all sizes for many uses, cannoli shells, eclair shells, and chocolate items to create desserts and appetizers. A wide array of decorative  items for your culinary creations.

Frozen Desserts

Exceptional sheet and layer cakes, cheesecakes, brownies, cookies, cookie dough, and muffins.

A variety of sliced or individual serving items in either food service or retail packaging.

Appetizers and Hors D' Oeuvres


A large selection of mouth watering appetizers .

Frozen Vegetables and Fruits

An assortment of premium vegetables and fruits.